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CCOMetricsManager Powered by inteligenz Enables CCOs to Earn 2016 Quality Incentive Funds

Top performing CCOs earned $44,625,284 in quality incentive funds for calendar year 2016

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August 7, 2017 – Salem, OR – On June 27, 2017, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) released the Oregon Health System Transformation: CCO Metrics 2016 Final Report, an annual report summarizing the progress of Oregon’s coordinated care organizations (CCOs) on quality measures in 2016. Top performing CCOs: PrimaryHealth of Josephine County and Umpqua Health; are two of five CCOs which utilize CCOMetricsManager powered by inteligenz, a strategic partner of PH TECH. Collectively, these CCOs earned $44,625,284 in quality incentive funds for calendar year 2016.

CCOMetricsManager, a web-based application, reports provider performance regarding CCO Incentive Metrics underlying the OHA’s commitment to pay for better quality care and health outcomes. CCOMetricsManager is used by CCOs to:

  • Communicate real-time status of performance across all CCO Incentive Metrics pertaining to providers servicing and managing the health of their members;
  • Identify healthcare quality gaps and enable care coordination workflows aimed at addressing these gaps;
  • Foster collaboration between health plan and member stakeholders aimed at improving performance and, thereby, health outcomes; and
  • Compare, validate, and reconcile OHA’s calculation of performance thereby ensuring program and payment integrity.

The more CCO stakeholders leverage CCOMetricsManager, the better they fare in exceeding CCO Incentive Metrics targets. Some CCOs predicate their population health management initiatives on the actionable information conveyed within CCOMetricsManager. Jennifer Johnston, PrimaryHealth’s Health Strategy Officer, states: “Active use of the CCOMetricsManager is key to our quality improvement strategy.”

Conceptually comparable to CCOMetricsManager, inteligenz and PH Tech also market and sell StarsManager, a web-based application that reports provider performance regarding CMS Star Ratings Measures applicable to Medicare Advantage health plans. And, similar to the positive results achieved by CCOs utilizing CCOMetricsManager, health plans utilizing StarsManager achieve improved Star Ratings.

For more information regarding CCOMetricsManager or StarsManager, contact Thuan Tran ; 971-599-7318.

About inteligenz

Inteligenz™ is a business intelligence platform which offers a range of healthcare applications in the Medicare Advantage and Managed Medicaid insurance marketplace. inteligenz provides rich analytics and workflow solutions that enable organizations to achieve their population health and care management goals. As an enabling technology, inteligenz empowers health care providers and organizations in converting information into insights, workflows, and action items, focusing exclusively on operational areas that simultaneously improve quality and lower costs.


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