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PrimaryHealth Selects PH TECH for BPO and Primary Core System Partnership

Multi-phase implementation designed to help meet the needs of local community

For Immediate Release

July 27, 2017 – Salem, OR – PrimaryHealth of Josephine Country ( has decided to migrate from their current claims system, to PH TECH’s ( key core systems and support platform. PH TECH’s core system allows PrimaryHealth and PH TECH staff to tightly collaborate and jointly administer health plan functions.

Customers who select to migrate to PH TECH’s model wish to overcome limitations they encounter in their current claims system. They find the usability attributes and direct support of PH TECH to be in-line with their mission, and consequently are willing to engage in a core system migration to PH TECH. They typically recognize the PH TECH platform as a product that is properly developed to support the needs of their organization and community.

“PH TECH believes in the local healthcare community. We see ourselves as champions for community-based health plans and desire to do our part in making healthcare local again. This partnership with PrimaryHealth falls right in line with our mission to be a part of this ambitious goal. We look forward to helping PrimaryHealth achieve their mission of providing excellent care to the people in and around Josephine County,” said PH TECH CEO, Nate Perrizo.

There will be a multi-phase implementation process, during which PH TECH will perform several service functions like configuration, paper claim receipt/validation, claim payment and remittance, and EDI. PH TECH will provide services and support through the configuration and setup of the Community Integration Manager platform for PrimaryHealth, administering of medical claims, and transition of responsibility for medical claims administration from PH TECH to PrimaryHealth. PH TECH will also help with the eventual administration of dental and mental health claims.

About PrimaryHealth of Josephine County

PrimaryHealth was founded in 1992 by a group of doctors that had a simple goal; to provide the best care for their patients. Realizing their patients were also their neighbors, friends and valued members of their community. We believe in providing the highest quality of physical, dental, and mental health services, to improve the community we live in. More info can be found at


PH TECH helps provider sponsored health plans take on and manage risk, which ultimately allows for local healthcare decisions. We provide control over benefits, contracts with providers, medical decisions, care management and population health. We are tenacious in our commitment to help plans improve healthcare and support the people in their community. Our creative approach, control over the platform and years of experience empower plans to achieve their goals. We are champions for community based health plans, and want to help make healthcare local again. More info can be found at

Paul Lopez:  PH TECH