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Umpqua Health Selects PH TECH for BPO and Primary Core System Partnership

Full transition to PH TECH’s system to be completed no later than 1/1/2018

For Immediate Release

July 17, 2017 – Salem, OR – Umpqua Health ( of Douglas County has chosen PH TECH ( of Salem, OR, as its business process outsourcing partner and core system services provider. PH TECH will provide key core systems and support in the areas of enrollment, claims, customer service, and other administrative functions for Umpqua Health’s coordinated care organization.

Nate Perrizo, PH TECH CEO says, “Umpqua Health is an excellent partner for PH TECH -- people who believe healthcare is local and want to improve delivery, while making it more affordable for the population being served. We are excited to collaborate with their staff, to empower Umpqua Health to direct their own path forward.”

PH TECH began working with Umpqua Health to cultivate and build this partnership earlier in the year, seeking to understand Douglas County based health care organization’s needs and determine where PH TECH could provide optimum solutions and services. The usability attributes and direct support of PH TECH are in line with the mission of UHA to improve health care and make it more affordable, which makes a transition to PH TECH’s system a logical choice. The platform migration is currently underway and full implementation will be complete by 1/1/2018.

“In working with the state’s other coordinated care organizations, PH TECH has demonstrated its aptitude for helping community-based health plans effectively administer a variety of technology-based, health care delivery processes and management tools,” says Sue Goldberg, vice president of Network and Business Development for Umpqua Health. “We’re excited to partner with PH TECH and leverage its full suite of products in order to help us continue our efforts to improve health care quality, lower costs and enhance customer experience.”

About Umpqua Health

Umpqua Health is the parent company of Umpqua Health Alliance, one of 16 Oregon coordinated care organizations serving the Oregon Health Plan. The focus of the Roseburg-based company and its subsidiaries is on expanding access, improving care, and reducing unnecessary costs across the clinical space for more than 26,000 Douglas County residents on the Oregon Health Plan and close to 10,000 more individuals with Medicare, private insurance or Exchange coverage. For more information, visit


PH TECH helps provider sponsored health plans take on and manage risk, which ultimately allows for local healthcare decisions. We provide control over benefits, contracts with providers, medical decisions, care management and population health. We are tenacious in our commitment to help plans improve healthcare and support the people in their community. Our creative approach, control over the platform and years of experience empower plans to achieve their goals. We are champions for community based health plans, and want to help make healthcare local again. More info can be found at

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