Control Over How Healthcare is Delivered

PH TECH supports provider sponsored health plans with control over benefits, contracts with providers, medical decisions, care management and population health. We help make personal connections to your members and providers, empathetically and expertly helping to navigate health care systems.

Who we are

It may sound overly ambitious, but we want to make healthcare local again. We see ourselves as champions for community based health plans at PH TECH and our platform and administrative services give you control over how healthcare is delivered..

Champions for community based health plans

As a community health plan, we believe you do what you do because you care for people and your community. We believe healthcare is best managed at the local level because – time and time again – we are reminded that, when it comes to health plans, larger member populations and national brand recognition rarely (if ever) encourage the highest quality care.

We are a strategic partner, purpose built to simplify and strengthen community based health care delivery. Our technology platform and services are tailor made to scale with the growing and ever-changing needs of the local health plan. Even the smallest health plans feel confident they have the proactive solutions they need to boost patient experience, lower costs and improve health care delivery.

As a community based health plan, you face a daunting task. You need support from someone who’s been there - someone who knows the risks you face. You need expertise, sophisticated technology, and the ability to scale your operation when you need to grow. As champions of community based health plans, we will meet these needs for you, and help you make healthcare local again.

Supporting Healthy Communities


What We Do

PH TECH gives community based health plans flexibility to contract with, and pay providers how you want. We deliver flexibility to define and administer benefits your members need, and to decide what is medically necessary. We help make personal connections to your members and providers, empathetically and expertly helping to navigate health care systems. We see your members and providers as our members and providers. The following product suite list explains the solutions we provide to give you control over how healthcare is delivered in your community.

Claims Processing

Compensation is the underlying incentive for your providers to deliver exceptional care to your member population. Our five levels of adjudication intervention allow you to model even the most progressive payment methodologies while still paying providers quickly and accurately.

Benefit & Reimbursement Config

Determine the providers you wish to contract with and establish the benefits your community and members need. Our platform delivers timely and accurate loading of critical provider information to meet and maintain your business needs.

Encounter Data Management

Details matter, especially when someone else sets the rates affecting top line revenue. Ensure that data in your systems and the systems of government entities and large health plans accurately reflects membership and costs.

Care Management

Manage interventions with members with community stakeholders through coordination, communication, empowerment, engagement. Use a centralized system that allows plan, provider and community organizations collaborate to ensure members with enhanced needs receive the right care at the right time.

Utilization Management

Manage your healthcare costs with our system to evaluate the appropriateness and medical necessity of services, performed by providers and facilities. Proactively drive your care decisions with timely and accurate case-by-case information.

Population Management

Managing population health requires accurate and efficient data to close gaps in overall patient care. Effective quality metrics provide insights to direct action and allow you to provide the highest quality care to your community.

Appeals & Grievances

Appeals and grievances can act as the barometer of the satisfaction of members and providers with your plan. Issues can vary in severity and need timely responses. Manage member, provider, authorization denials, payment issues, and other types of appeals and grievances with our solution.

Customer Service

Members and providers need assistance navigating a complex healthcare system. PH TECH increases member engagement through our CRM platform, customer service centers, mail and outreach services. We emphatically and expertly care for your members as our very own. Use our call centers, staff your own using our platform or find a blend of the two that fits your needs.

Community Portal

PH TECH's portal allows community stakeholders at the provider office, health plan, plan partners, delegated entities and other community organizations to collaborate to coordinate the care of members. Our portal provides the opportunity for users to participate in more than just verifying eligibility and claim status. It allows designated users to participate in utilization management, care management , population health management and other key plan processes.

Join The Team

Join PH TECH on the pursuit to make healthcare local again. We are innovative and solution oriented. We work hard but know how to have fun. We are family. We are constantly searching for innovative high performing individuals to help us transform the healthcare world. If you’re looking for a place to bring your very best every day, we’d love to hear from you!

Join Us On Our Mission Today!

At PH TECH, we provide a dynamic and innovative work environment, where you can thrive and discover the path to a successful career. We believe in leadership and management that inspires top achievers to reach measurable and gratifying achievements. In turn these milestones support our community based health plans, and help to make healthcare local again.

If you’d like to be a champion for community based health plans, we want to talk to you! We’re looking for creative solution providers with a positive and ambitious drive for success. If you have an eagerness to join a performance driven environment, this could be the place for you.

Together we will can create a supportive and solution-oriented experience for our customers, giving them the tools they need to have control over how healthcare is delivered. Together we can all help to make healthcare local again.

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Supporting Our Team

BENEFITS: It is very important to us that our employees have benefits to give them peace of mind when they need care. Our rich benefit package includes:

Health Insurance:

We provide the option of a Health Reimbursement (HRA) Medical Plan, Health Savings (HSA) Medical plan, or an (EPO) Medical plan.

Dental Insurance

We offer the choice of three dental plans, allowing you to control your dental care and make decisions that best fit you and your family’s situation.

Flexible Spending Account

We offer a Flexible Spending Account for both health and dependent care. We also offer a limited purpose FSA for those choosing the HSA medical plan.

Paid Time Off

A healthy work-life balance is critical to your engagement at work. We provide a generous Paid Time Off (PTO) plan enabling a flexible and accommodating balance. We also provide a paid Parental Leave benefit to offer support and celebrate growing families.

Short Term Disability

We provide an employer-paid Short Term Disability benefit designed to provide financial protection to individuals unable to work for qualifying circumstances. This benefit provides 65% of base pay continuation up to a duration of 25 weeks after a 7 day waiting period.


PH TECH wants to help you establish a means for retirement no matter your age! Our 401(k) retirement plan allows you to choose from both pretax and posttax deferral options. We match contributions based on years of service, and you immediately own 100% of your contributions and the employer match. No matter where you are in life we want to help you with your retirement goals.

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Our leadership

The people of PH TECH are passionate about what they do because our leaders are passionate about who we are in the Oregon health care community. Get to know some of the people responsible for shaping the company and culture of PH TECH.

Nathan Perrizo

Chief Executive Officer

Nate sees more than just the big picture, Nate also sees the moving parts needed to keep it in motion. A logical and intuitive planner, he seeks not only to understand, but to understand how customers are impacted. His long-term involvement in the industry, and with PH TECH brings a broad spectrum of knowledge to the table that helps to build relationships and confidence with our customers.

Nate has an intrinsic knack for articulating concepts in a way that truly connects with his audience. He has been a key player in the development of applications and systems at PH TECH, and has helped develop company operations, customer relations and business development. Nate uses his industry-proven chops to understand the everchanging needs of the healthcare space, and to deliver appropriate solutions.

Dustin Strom

Chief Service Operations Officer

Dustin believes in executing solutions with excellence. He is driven to cultivate the relationships with healthplans and other stakeholders through the meaningful work PH TECH does. His passion is to help PH TECH grow in whatever manner he can, whether through current or new customers, reaching new markets or adding new lines of business. Bottom line for Dustin is to reach people and communities through the services and technology PH TECH provides.

When Dustin is not juggling the direction of numerous operational areas, he loves spending time with family and keeping up on sports. He loves the passion PH TECH has, and appreciates being able to work hard, but have fun while doing so. His focus is to improve the way PH TECH serves the community daily, while also helping customers tackle their “unsolvable” problems.

Drew Bryan

Associate Vice President, Technology

Drew enjoys finding new and better ways to deliver valuable technology solutions. He believes technology doesn't exist for its own sake, but to enable a larger vision and purpose. As a student of leadership and agile development methods, Drew is highly invested in building empowered teams who creatively solve complex problems. He is committed to hard work, collaboration, and putting customers and users first.

Drew is passionate about the mission of PH TECH and the opportunity to deliver technologies that enable local healthcare decisions. He views healthcare as moving in a positive direction and sees the opportunity for innovative technologies and creative problem solving to accelerate change.

news and information

PH TECH provides news, press releases, white papers, and articles as a resource to serve our local communities.

CCOMetricsManager Powered by inteligenz Enables CCOs to Earn 2016 Quality Incentive Funds

August 7, 2017 – Salem, OR – On June 27, 2017, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) released the Oregon Health System Transformation: CCO Metrics 2016 Final Report, an annual report summarizing the progress of Oregon’s coordinated care organizations (CCOs) on quality measures in 2016. Top performing CCOs: PrimaryHealth of Josephine County and Umpqua Health; are two of five CCOs which utilize CCOMetricsManager powered by inteligenz, a strategic partner of PH TECH. Collectively, these CCOs earned $44,625,284 in quality incentive funds for calendar year 2016.

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PrimaryHealth Selects PH TECH for BPO and Primary Core System Partnership

July 27, 2017 – Salem, OR – PrimaryHealth of Josephine Country ( has decided to migrate from their current claims system, to PH TECH’s ( key core systems and support platform. PH TECH’s core system allows PrimaryHealth and PH TECH staff to tightly collaborate and jointly administer health plan functions.

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Umpqua Health Selects PH TECH for BPO and Primary Core System Partnership

July 17, 2017 – Salem, OR – Umpqua Health ( of Douglas County has chosen PH TECH ( of Salem, OR, as its business process outsourcing partner and core system services provider. PH TECH will provide key core systems and support in the areas of enrollment, claims, customer service, and other administrative functions for Umpqua Health’s coordinated care organization.

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State of Oregon Taps Performance Health Technology to Help People Enroll in Health Insurance

November 1, 2016 – Salem, OR – Performance Health Technology ( is one of the community organizations selected by the Department of Consumer and Business Services, Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace to help people sign up for health insurance during the upcoming open enrollment period, from November 1, 2016 to January 31, 2017.

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Performance Health Technology Appoints New Chief Strategy Officer

August 29, 2016 – Salem, OR – Performance Health Technology ( announced that Daniel Dean has joined PH TECH as Chief Strategy Officer. Daniel is a highly respected leader in the healthcare industry, with extensive experience in strategic and tactical aspects of product development, management and marketing in fast-growing technology and healthcare companies.

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Aspire Health Plan Selects PH TECH as Technology and Services Provider

May 5, 2016 – Monterey, CA – Aspire Health Plan ( After a nationwide search, structured proposal solicitation and selection process, Aspire Health Plan of Monterey, CA, has chosen PH TECH of Salem, OR, as its business process outsourcing partner. PH TECH will provide key core systems and support in the areas of enrollment, claims, reporting, and other administrative services for Aspire Medicare Advantage plans.

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Performance Health Technology Appoints New Chief Executive Officer

March 8, 2016 – Salem, OR – Performance Health Technology ( has announced that Chief Strategy Officer, Nate Perrizo has been named Chief Executive Officer at PH TECH. Mr. Perrizo has been with PH TECH since 1996 and has served in numerous roles including Chief Operations Officer and Chief Strategy Officer....

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