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Performance Health Technology Appoints New Chief Executive Officer

Former CEO Mike Rohwer Heads Up New PH Tech Institute

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March 8, 2016 – Salem, OR – Performance Health Technology ( has announced that Chief Strategy Officer, Nate Perrizo has been named Chief Executive Officer at PH Tech. Mr. Perrizo has been with PH Tech since 1996 and has served in numerous roles including Chief Operations Officer and Chief Strategy Officer.

While overseeing PH Tech Operations, Perrizo’s leadership was integral to helping virtually every Coordinated Care Organization or CCO, make the transition to requirements established by the government. Under this leadership, PH Tech has served 36 counties in Oregon, with over 12,000 active users in PH Tech’s system, and over 7 million health claims processed. As Chief Strategy Officer, Perrizo has continued to strengthen relationships with the CCOs in Oregon, and develop new relationships with government sponsored health plans and risk-bearing entities. Former CEO, Dr. Michael Rohwer said, “Nate and I share congruent philosophies regarding customers, employees, technology and our community. I have great faith in Nate’s ability to take what we’ve built and move things forward.”

Dr. Michael Rohwer, will step down as CEO of PH Tech in order to build the newly formed PH Tech Institute. Dr. Rohwer will pursue his passion of researching and developing innovative concepts to transform healthcare. The PH Tech Institute will be an “idea incubator” where Dr. Rohwer and other healthcare experts can investigate and vet concepts, and produce solutions that will make an impact in the community. He will remain chairman of the board of PH Tech as well as the majority shareholder.

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